Microsoft Windows 10 PRO for Workstation 64BIT only Server Grade Data Protection, Advanced Performance

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WINDOWS 10 PRO FOR WORKSTATIONS 64BIT ENG INTL 1PK DSP OEI DVD Advanced performance If you use resource-hungry applications, you need an operating system that can smoothly handle large amounts of data without choking. You need one that doesn’t make you wait for file saving or transferring, that uses fewer CPU cycles so there’s more capacity for running multiple apps simultaneously and one that runs optimised for the next generation of hardware. That’s Windows 10 Pro for Workstations. Speed through the toughest workloads Windows 10 Pro for Workstations supports devices with persistent memory1 (also known as non-volatile memory or NVDIMM-N), the fastest data storage possible on workstations. Persistent memory also keeps your files at hand if you shut down the system. Server-grade data protection Microsoft’s Resilient File System (ReFS) combined with Storage Spaces provides highly resilient storage for large volumes of data that can be automatically backed up to multiple mirrored drives. ReFS detects if data becomes corrupt on any one of them and then repairs it across all drives, which helps ensure that you're working with clean data 1] Requires NVDIMM-N compatible hardware, ADR-enabled chipset and compliant UEFIserver. Not all workstations include persistent memory, so you’ll want to weigh costs and benefits. [2] SMB Direct requires RDMA-capable network adapters at both ends of the connection, client/device and server. [3] Adobe Creative Suite sold separately.
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